Translation & Proofreading

Translation from English/Swahili, French and Lingala to English or Swahili as well as proofreading of memos, few paragraphs, whole documents, books, speeches memorandum and articles of associations ,partnership deeds, newspaper articles service and product manuals, a host of other legal documents, Scientific write-ups or advertising bylines etc.).Send your requests only to read our confidentiality clause for the security of material intended for translation/proof reading. Give us your specific or general requirements. Sign the engagement contract and leave the rest to our team.


Item Charges (Kshs)
Translation Services (English to Swahili/Swahili to English) 6.96* Kshs per Word
Translation Services (French and Lingala to Swahili and English) 6.96* Kshs per Word
Proof-reading Services (English ) 232* Kshs per page
Proof-reading Services (Swahili ) 208.8* Kshs per page

*All prices VAT inclusive